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Mailing Tubes

  • Sizes 1 1/4” to 6” dia. x up to 360”
  • Brown Kraft, White or Colored
  • Crimped End, Plastic Plug or Telescoping

GO Mailing Tubes

Shipping &
Packaging Tubes

Shipping & Packaging Tubes

  • Sizes 1” to 6” dia. x up to 360”
  • Plastic Plug or Metal Ends
  • Printing Available

GO Shipping & Packaging Tubes

Screw Cap
Mailing Cases

Screw Cap Mailing Cases

  • Sizes 1” to 4” dia. x up to 16”
  • Brown or White Kraft.
  • Labels Available

GO Screw Cap Mailing Cases


Specimen Mailers

  • Diagnostic Specimen
  • 95 kPa Bag System
  • Insulated Containers

GO Specimen Mailers


Corrugated Pallets

  • Sanitary & Clean
  • Lightweight
  • Low Cost

GO Corrugated Pallets


Cremation Rollers

  • Size 2 3/8” x 18”
  • Heavy Duty Fiberboard Construction
  • For Loading Caskets

GO Cremation Rollers

Tape & Label

Tape & Label Cores

  • Wide Range of Sizes
  • Plain White or Printed Liner
  • For Tape & Label Industry

GO Tape & Label Cores

Self-Seal Container Corporation has been manufacturing paper mailing tubes since 1965. Our mailing tubes are the most economical, ecologically friendly mailing tube manufactured with all recycled paperboard. We also carry one of the most popular styles of mailing tubes with white plugs for closures. We carry standard mailing tubes, heavy-duty mailing tubes and telescope mailing tubes in stock for immediate delivery. Self Seal's shipping and packaging tubes are a cost effective, dependable way to ship your commercial and industrial products. Shipping and packaging tubes come with plastic plug or metal end stop closures. We offer colors, full and partial coverage labeling to further enhance your tubes. Our single cardboard screw cap mailing cases are a very durable, reusable package used to ship expensive parts that require precise packaging. Precision cut tape and label cores are made specifically for the tape and label industry for rewinding. Visit our medical packaging division to see options for shipping "biological substance, Category B". Our 95kPa Bag System is a complete shipping system that conforms to Packing Instruction 650 and UN3373. Our "Double Case - DOT Series" meets the D.O.T.,I.C.A.O. and I.A.T.A. directives for shipping ambient diagnostic specimens.

Our Tubes Are Made From Recycled Paperboard